The practice of increasing carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the grow room to enhance plant growth and yield.


Short Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About CO2 Enrichment

What is CO2 enrichment?

  • CO2 enrichment is the process of increasing carbon dioxide levels in the grow environment to enhance plant growth.

How does CO2 enrichment work?

  • CO2 enrichment boosts the photosynthesis process, allowing plants to produce more energy and grow faster.

How do you enrich CO2?

  • CO2 can be enriched using CO2 generators, tanks, or natural methods like fermentation.

Can CO2 enrichment be beneficial to plant growth?

  • Yes, CO2 enrichment can significantly enhance plant growth, leading to increased yields and faster development.

What is the ideal CO2 level for cannabis plants?

  • The ideal CO2 level is around 1200-1500 parts per million (PPM) during the daylight hours.

Are there risks or limitations to CO2 enrichment?

  • Risks include the potential for over-enrichment, which can harm plants. Limitations include the need for controlled environments.

How does CO2 enrichment affect indoor vs. outdoor cultivation?

  • CO2 enrichment is more common in indoor cultivation, where it can have a substantial impact. Outdoor environments naturally have higher CO2 levels.

What’s the cost of CO2 enrichment systems?

  • The cost varies but can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the system’s size and complexity.


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