Unlock the Bloom Phase Powerhouse: Fortuna, Saturn, and Bacchus Unite

As every seasoned grower knows, the bloom phase is where the magic truly happens. It's the time when your precious plants burst into vibrant, resinous buds that are the stuff of dreams. But what if we told you there's a way to supercharge this phase, making your buds...

The Buzz About Terra Power: Eco-Friendly Microbial Nutrients Safeguarding Our Bees

In today's world, bees are more than just honey producers; they serve as vital indicators of a healthy ecosystem. At Terra Power, we take pride in offering 100% bee-safe microbial fertilizers, providing growers with an eco-friendly solution that not only nurtures...

Choosing the Right Cannabis Cultivation Method: Indoor vs. Greenhouse vs. Outdoor

In the world of cannabis cultivation, diversity is the name of the game. With over 25,000 cannabis products out there, growers face the intriguing task of selecting the perfect cannabis cultivation method. Welcome to "Exploring Cannabis Cultivation:
Indoor vs....

Introducing Terra Power’s Revolutionary Powders, where nature’s power and innovation converge to revolutionize the way you nurture your plants. Our cutting-edge product line is designed to provide superior results while prioritizing the well-being of honey bees, soil health, and the environment like all our products.

World leader producer of microbial root boosters

We are innovative start-up company, an inspired group of scientists, engineers and technicians came together with an ambitious goal: to advance agricultural quality and innovation through the use of key manufacturing processes and cutting-edge research.

While improving our customers’ growing practices, we’re also dedicated to creating a cleaner and more environmentally efficient world. With industry-leading manufacturing and research, we continually develop products that enhance your results while being kind to the environment.

We honour the vision of our founders by always thinking about what’s next. With consistent quality, value and results, Terra Power remains committed to leading the industry, offering the most innovative products available and serving growers like you around the world.

Why to choose microbial fertilizers?

What are microbial fertilizers and why to choose them?

A Microbial fertilizer is a product containing living microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi that colonize soil or the inner part of plants and have a beneficial effect on plant growth. These microorganisms are 100% safe to the environment.

Why to use microorganisms? They present an alternative to the use of chemical fertilizers. They are natural enemies to pathogens and pests. They promote plant growth through various biological mechanisms.

How we produce them? We cultivate microorganisms under optimal conditions and incorporate them into our products to give your plants all the support they need to achieve the biggest yields possible.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

Soil vs Hydroponics

Crop Protection

Do you want to know how to stabilize PH in the nutrient solution using buffering agents that keep PH levels within an acceptable range over a long period of time?


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