Cannabis strains that automatically transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage based on age, rather than changes in light.


Short Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Autoflowering


Is Autoflower better than feminized?

  • It depends on your goals. Autoflowers are easier to grow but may have smaller yields. Feminized strains are often preferred for higher yields but require more attention.

Is autoflowering good for beginners?

  • Yes, autoflowers are great for beginners. They’re easy to grow, have a shorter life cycle, and are forgiving of mistakes.

Is autoflowering any good?

  • Yes, autoflowers are excellent for certain situations. They’re ideal for small spaces, discreet growing, or quick harvests.

What do Autoflowers do?

  • Autoflowers automatically switch from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage, leading to quicker harvests.

Can autoflower seeds turn male?

  • Yes, but it’s rare. Autoflowers can still turn male, but it’s less likely compared to regular photoperiod plants.

Do Autoflowers veg faster?

  • No, autoflowers don’t have a distinct vegetative phase like photoperiod plants. They grow from seed to harvest faster overall.

What are the advantages of autoflowers?

  • Faster harvests, compact size, and easier to grow.

How do I care for autoflowering plants?

  • Provide 18-20 hours of light daily, use well-draining soil, and keep a stable environment.

Are there any disadvantages to growing autoflowers?

  • Generally smaller yields compared to photoperiod plants.

Can autoflowers be grown indoors and outdoors?

  • Yes, they can be grown in both environments.

What’s the ideal light cycle for autoflowers?

  • 18-20 hours of light per day for the entire lifecycle.

Do autoflowers require different nutrients than photoperiod plants?

  • Not necessarily, but they benefit from balanced, complete nutrients.
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