Analyse your THC level

Analyse your THC level

Do you want to know what your THC level is from your harvest?

Now you can analyse your hemp results with us in our accredited laboratory located in Sofia- Bulgaria.

Our scientific base includes different types of laboratories where various tests are being carried out on a daily bases by a qualified team of scientists.


At our Plant Physiology laboratory our scientists run tests with different types of fertilizers (organo-mineral, biofertilizers, stimulants, etc.) on various species and varieties of agricultural and medicinal plants, with particular emphasis on seeds from family Cannabaceae.

We also carry out analysis on the growth, development, and blooming of important plant species – producers of different biologically active substances (phytohormones, various secondary metabolites, enzymes).

At our Cell & Tissue Cultures Department we further extend these examinations by cultivating plants for the production of biologically active substances, for various experiments, and for plant propagation.

The main activity of our Biochemistry laboratory is the examination of secondary metabolites with plant origin (hemp/cannabis).

We work with 12 cannabinoids in particular: CBDV, THCV, CBD, CBG, CBD-A, CBG-A, CBN, d9-THC, CBL, d8-THC, CBC, THC-A.

All the tests are carried out in accordance with the commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/1155 and an intra laboratory method.

Our lab runs its tests with gas chromatograph (GC) and high –performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) (Shimadzu). The two chromatographs work differently, through FID and UV detectors, so their combined analysis gives information about the quantity of cannabinoids in biomass, as well as in hemp/cannabis derived products. The data includes both basic and acidic cannabinoid forms.

As terpenes are volatile compounds, their evaluation has to be done by using GC, and it provides data regarding their presence or absence, as well as regarding the ratios between the different terpenes in the plant biomass. This methods also work with end products.

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Agrochemistry Department

The main priority of our agrochemistry lab is to optimize plant nutrition, fertilizer application and soil fertility.
Our goal is to create the best products that would give you high-quality yields while being kind to the environment!

Cell & Tissue cultures Department

Apart from the production of fertilizers, the team of TERRA POWER is constantly working towards improving our formulations to ensure that growers get the best results for their crops.

Phytochambers are the place where plants may be grown in controlled conditions of temperature, humidity and lighting. This is where various tests are being run in vivo (”in living organisms”) to inspect the results of our formulations.

Microbiology department

Microbiology department

Microbiology Department

This is where we isolate and run tests with various microorganisms – both beneficial microbes that are included in our formulations, as well as pathogens isolated from the soil that we research how to fight off.

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