Unleash the Power of Nature with Terra Power’s Divine Fertilizers!


Step into the enchanted realm of Terra Power, where age-old myths intertwine with the boundless potential of cultivation. As you embark on this mystical journey, we reveal the well-guarded secret behind each product name – a divine connection to ancient gods and mythical beings that breathe life into every drop of our extraordinary fertilizers, that we proudly call Divine Fertilizers.


Zeus – pH Balance: Harmony in Every Drop

Behold the magnificence of Zeus, the king of gods, as we unveil Zeus – pH Balance, a 3-part NPK fertilizer. Like the great Zeus ensured order among the deities, our pH Balance maintains harmony for your plants. With superior chelates, it broadens the pH spectrum, allowing your plants to absorb nutrients effortlessly. Your garden shall prosper under Zeus’s watchful eye, as each drop bestows a symphony of balance and nourishment.




La Calavera Catrina – Microbial Grow: An Energetic Rebirth

Embrace the vibrant spirit of La Calavera Catrina, the dapper skeleton of Mexican folklore, as we present to you Microbial Grow. Like Catrina’s joyous celebration of life, this liquid and powder microbial root help fertilizer sparks rapid and rigorous growth in all plants. Watch your garden come alive with vital nutrients and moisture, like a lively dance of rebirth. La Calavera Catrina’s energy infuses your plants, driving them towards boundless vitality.




Goddess Lada – Microbial Bloom: Flourishing in Fertility

In homage to the Slavic goddess of beauty and love, Goddess Lada, our microbial bloom formula reignites the passion for flowering in your garden. As Lada stands for fertility and prosperity, this fertilizer ensures your plants thrive in every aspect. The blend supports flowering hormones, enhances nutrient uptake, and restores balance to unbalanced soil. Your garden shall flourish in abundance, echoing the blessings of Goddess Lada, which transforms your garden into a realm of vibrant blooms and love.






Fire Yields – Microbial Protect: Shielding Strength

Embrace the guardianship of Fire Yields, as our Microbial Protect formula fortifies your plants against environmental stress factors. Like the mythical keepers of flames, this liquid microbial fertilizer bolsters your garden’s resilience. Watch your plants stand firm, with improved resistance and enhanced plant habitus. Fire Yields ignites a spark of strength and protection, ensuring your garden thrives amid any challenge.


La Sirena – Vitamin Power: A Melody of Vitality

In the mystical waters of La Sirena, the mythical aquatic creature, lies the inspiration for our Vitamin Power. Enchant your plants with the essence of algae extracts, humic substances, vitamins, and amino acids. Just as La Sirena’s song enchants sailors, your garden shall resonate with vitality. Witness your plants bloom with a harmonious melody, as their roots and blooms embrace newfound life. Watch your plants sway with the rhythms of the sea, thriving under La Sirena’s benevolent embrace. Immerse your garden in a sea of vitality, where growth knows no bounds.







Atlas – Terra Enzymes: Earth’s Renewing Embrace

Marvel at the grandeur of Atlas, the titan who held the heavens, as we reveal Atlas – Terra Enzymes. Unlocking the secrets of Earth’s renewing embrace, this formula dissolves dead roots and fosters nutrient recycling. Enzymes and yeast extract form an alliance, paving the way for robust growth and enhanced nutrient absorption. Like the weight of the world lifted, your garden shall flourish with renewed vigor.


Saturn – Power Buds: Harvest of Abundance

Invoke the bounty of Saturn, the god of agriculture, with Power Buds. Like the golden harvest he bestowed, this liquid formula fosters larger, denser buds with potent yields. Saturn’s touch perfects the bloom, allowing your plants to absorb nutrients swiftly and produce an abundant harvest, elevated to celestial heights. Revel in the grandeur of Saturn’s abundance, as your garden yields beyond measure. Mix with ease, and watch your garden flourish under Saturn’s benevolent gaze.













Bacchus – Terra Taste: Nectar of Flavor

Indulge in the nectar of flavor with Bacchus – Terra Taste, inspired by the unrestrained Roman god of wine. Raise a toast to this organic supplement that enriches the taste, aroma, and potency of your flowering plants. Just as Bacchus inspired euphoria, your garden shall flourish under the influence of Terra Taste. Witness an orchestra of flavors and essential oils, as your plants revel in Bacchus’s intoxicating touch. Your garden will bear fruits of unparalleled flavors, worthy of a god’s delight.


Poseidon – Power Resin: Secrets of Potency

Plunge into the secrets of potency with Poseidon – Power Resin, named after the Greek god of the sea. Enhance inherent resin, oil, and terpene production in your plants, as Poseidon empowers them to reach new heights. Its composition acts as an immunostimulant, fortifying your plants against various factors. This liquid supplement unlocks inherent resin production, elevating aromas to divine levels. As Poseidon commands the seas, your garden will deliver waves of resinous bounty and breathtaking aromas. Watch your garden exude the essence of potency, like the surging tides guided by Poseidon’s hand.













Narcissus – Power Finish: The Final Flourish

Embark on the final flourish with Narcissus – Power Finish, inspired by the mesmerizing figure from Greek mythology. This liquid flushing and purifying agent prepares your plants for their grand finale before harvest. Carefully produced to include free-flowing chelates, it removes unwanted materials and minerals, enhancing flavor, aroma, and yields. Witness your garden’s triumphant finale, like Narcissus’s unyielding admiration for his reflection, as your plants reveal their true brilliance.


Mystical Green – Microbial pH Regulator: Nature’s Balancing Act

Unveil the secrets of nature’s balancing act with Mystical Green – Microbial pH Regulator. This divine potion contains humic and fulvic acids, interwoven with natural bioactive substances. Like the ancient earth spirits, it ensures your plants develop in perfect harmony. Watch as your plants thrive with a robust root system and increased drought tolerance, mirroring the resilience of ancient deities. The Mystical Green is enriched with a diverse array of Trichoderma species – a highly beneficial group of microscopic fungi, forming a harmonious symbiotic bond with your precious plants. Embrace the magic of Mystical Green, and your garden shall bloom in perfect accord with nature.











Artio’s Touch – Microbial Boost: An Enchanted Growth

Experience the enchanted growth of Artio’s Touch – Microbial Boost, a liquid microbial fertilizer. Inspired by the Celtic goddess of wildlife and abundance, this elixir accelerates fast and vigorous growth, especially in medical plants. Like the divine hand of Artio, the strains in this blend synthesize phytohormones and vitamins, nurturing your garden with divine care. Watch as your plants flourish under the watchful gaze of Artio, like a thriving forest enchanted by her presence.





Phoenix – Terra Wonders: A Rebirth of Bounty

As the legendary phoenix rose from the ashes, so does your garden flourish with Phoenix – Terra Wonders. This extraordinary potion holds the essence of natural phytohormones, amino acids, and essential oils. Inspired by the mythical bird of rebirth, it acts as a biostimulator, awakening new life and vitality within your plants. Witness your garden bloom with a renewed sense of wonder, yielding an abundant harvest like the phoenix’s fiery revival.



Step into the realm of Terra Power, where the divine essence of ancient mythology converges with the bounties of nature. Each product in our divine collection is crafted with the utmost care and respect for the power that flows within the natural world. Explore our range of fertilizers, meticulously designed to awaken the untapped potential of your plants. Unleash the power of nature with Terra Power’s divine fertilizers and witness your garden flourish like never before. Join us on this extraordinary journey, where the wisdom of the gods meets the marvels of cultivation.

Unleash the Power of Nature with Terra Power’s Divine Fertilizers!

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