NARCISSUS – POWER FINISH is liquid flushing and purifying agent that removes unwanted excess materials in a plant prior to harvest. The product has been carefully produced to include free-flowing chelates which absorb and remove specific, harmful materials and minerals. Cleaning and purifying a plant right before harvest will produce better flavour, aroma and yields.


Mineral accumulation like ammonia can contaminate the final flavour and bouquet of the crop. To properly take the crop through the last weeks allowing them to grow on internal reserves, growers have to remove all nutrient residues accumulated in the growing media. NARCISSUS clears out all the microscopic and granular accumulation of fertilizer salts that surround roots and within the networks of beneficial microbial growth. With a simple application of water and NARCISSUS, all surfaces will be cleared of accumulated salts. The resultant crop is sweet smelling, very tasty, with no trace of chemical taste or flavour.


1.8%    Magnesium oxide (MgO)
3%        Sulphur trioxide (SO3)
7.5%     Dry matter
pH 7

APPLICATION: It should be applied the week prior to harvest at a dose of 2 ml/L. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE!


LIQUID: 250ml / 500ml / 1L / 5L / 10L


ARTIO’S TOUCH – MICROBIAL BOOST is a liquid microbial fertilizer for fast and rigorous growth, especially developed for use in all types of nutrition and plant protection programmes for medical plants. The strains included in the composition synthesize phytohormones and vitamins. These beneficial bacteria are capable of solubilizing inorganic phosphorus from insoluble compounds and support the nitrogen feeding of crops by bringing atmospheric and organic nitrogen into a form that can be assimilated by plants.

Azotobacter vinelandii is capable of nitrogen fixation – a process of turning atmospheric nitrogen, which is unavailable for plants use, into ammonia. Ammonia is then absorbed by plants, or converted further into nitrates, which are also bio-available for plant utilisation.

The product also contains a variety of strains belonging to Bacillus spp. For example, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens induces inherent systemic resistance in plants against infections; exerts antagonism against different soil pathogens suppressing their growth; produces growth hormones which stimulate plant development.

  1. megateriumsolubilizes phosphorus and stimulates root growth, it is a producer of important enzymes and B vitamins.
  2. pasteuriihas high synthetic rates of the enzyme urease which hydrolyses urea to carbonate and ammonia.
  3. pumilusdegrades lignin and cellulose, participates in mineralization of organic matter and is an antagonist of soil pathogens.
  4. subtilisalso possesses bio stimulating abilities, participates in organic waste degradation, acts in denitrification and exerts antagonism against soil pathogens.

Bacillus subtilis…………………………….70.000.000 CFU/ml
Bacillus pumilis……..…………….………50.000.000 CFU/ml
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens……..……..60.000.000 CFU/ml
Bacillus pasteurii……………….…………50.000.000 CFU/ml
Bacillus megaterium..……………..…….50.000.000 CFU/ml
Azotobacter vinelandii……………….….100.000.000 CFU/ml
Total CFU of microbes…….…………… 380.000.000 CFU/ml
Water…………………………….………….…99.87 %
Soil organisms………………………….…..0.13 %

APPLICATION:  It is recommended to apply 2 ml/L during the grow phase and during weeks 8 and 9. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE!


LIQUID: 250ml / 500ml / 1L / 5L / 10L


PHOENIX – TERRA WONDERS contains natural phytohormones, amino acids, and essential oils derived from microorganisms, fruits and herbs. The product acts as a biostimulator. Increases the volume of plant biomass and consequently increases yields to 20-25%.

Extracts of ginkgo leaves are source of phenolic acids, proanthocyanidins, flavonoid glycosides, and terpenes. The leaves also contain unique ginkgo biflavones, alkylphenols, and polyprenols.

Humic acids are organic macromolecules, accumulated as a result of series of microbial decomposition processes and transformations, and ones that have substantial effect on soil. These include a role in the carbon cycle, mineralization, soil fertility, ecological balance, soil erosion, and so on. The functional groups of humic acids have the ability to bind metal ions, thus making them more easily available for plants.

Our product contains humic acids, derived from leonardite – a soft, dark colored, vitreous mineraloid that contains high concentrations of the active humic acid (>65%) and fulvic acid (≈4%).


0.5%   Pottasium oxide (K2O)
0.4%   Sulphur trioxide (SO3)
10%      Organic carbon (Corg)
6%        Dry matter
pH 6

APPLICATION:  2 ml/L during bloom phase. Suitable for foliar application! SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE!


LIQUID: 250ml / 500ml / 1L / 5L / 10L


FORTUNA – FIRE BUDS’s main aim of application is to give plants higher number of buds. It contains an array of biological compounds with bactericidal and mycocidal properties which would provide the needed plant protection. The product represents a biostimulant intended to improve the development and flowering of decorative, medicinal and vegetable plants grown in both soil and in hydroponics. Furthermore, it is expected to increase yields and improve innate resistance to disease and unfavourable environmental conditions. 

Extract of Aronia melanocarpa is introduced because of it extremely high content of essential polyphenolic compounds (P vitamins), flavonoids, anthocyanins, procyanids and cathehins. The extract also contains vitamins C, K, B1, B2, B5, B9, organic acids, oils (linoleic acid, glycerides, phosphatidyl inositol), carbohydrates.

Tea tree oil is used as a source of organic compounds, monoterpenes, as well as compounds that cannot be found in other plants.

Onopordum acanthium oil is rich in silibinin, flavonoids, essential long-chain fatty acids, carotenoids, tocopherols, vitamin A, B, E, K, P, D, antioxidants etc.

Essential oils from aromatic plants presents a new and safe alternative to conventional insecticides. Therefore, including them in this biofertilizer provides additional protection against pests.


0.3%  Total Phosphorus pentaoxide (P2O5)
0.2%  Pottasium oxide (K2O)
12%   Organic carbon (Corg)
1%     Dry matter
pH 7

APPLICATION: The recommended dose of application is 2 ml/L during early bloom. Suitable for foliar application! SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE!


LIQUID: 250ml / 500ml / 1L / 5L / 10L


TRITON – TERRA BOOST is intended for the ripening sub-phase, where plants are utilizing energy to make a final push of adding weight and density to flowers before coming to the end of their life cycle. TRITON supplies the necessary elements for increased photosynthesis, water and nutrient absorption, cellular expansion and replication and the creation of internal structures and compounds (aroma and flavour). TRITON will increase a plant resistance to pests, disease, environmental stresses and end-stage exhaustion. 

TRITON – TERRA BOOST offers you the chance to finish your growth cycle strong! Providing your plants with one last boost of nutrients the weeks prior to harvest will insure you get maximum yields.

Phosphorus and potassium are the two most important macronutrients for bud size, flavour, and overall development.

Magnesium is classed a “secondary” macronutrient because, although needed in relative abundance, less is required for your plants to grow compared to the three primary macronutrients (NPK). Within the plant, magnesium is mostly present in the leaves, as it is a vital part of the chlorophyll molecule. Its presence or absence, therefore, has a direct impact on the plant’s ability to absorb light and subsequently create sugars and carbohydrates. If magnesium levels are low, your plant will struggle to grow. In addition, magnesium also helps with enzyme production.


1.8%    Total Nitrogen
1.8%    Nitric Nitrogen
2.6%    Available phosphate (P2O5)
4.3%    Soluble potash (K2O)
1.5%    Magnesium oxide (MgO)
1.2%    Organic carbon (Corg)
13%     Dry matter
pH 3.5

APPLICATION: Apply during the last weeks before harvest time at a dose of 2 ml/L. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE!


LIQUID: 250ml / 500ml / 1L / 5L / 10L


ENIGMA – SILICA POWER is a natural source of silica. It increases stem strength and resistance to various biotic and abiotic stress factors. Delays wilting. Increases the quality and quantity of yields, as well as inherent resin production. 


The presence of Si in plants has been found to alleviate many abiotic and biotic stresses, leading to the incorporation of silicates into many fertilizers. Si is deposited in tissue cells, including the epidermis and cuticle in the cell wall, forming a rigid double layer of silica, which affects important processes, including hindering infection and penetration of insect stylets. It triggers the release of defence enzymes, which induce an increase in the production of secondary metabolites that lead to increased hardness.


Soluble potash (K2O)………….0,5%
Silicon dioxide (SiO2)…..…….0,16%
Dry matter…………………….…..0,5%


LIQUID: 2 ml/L during bloom phase.

POWDER: Dissolve 15g in 30L.

Suitable for foliar application! SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE!


LIQUID: 250ml / 500ml / 1L / 5L / 10L



ZEOTRICH – TERRA MINERALS is a substrate additive intended to provide fast and rigorous development of plants’ root system. It prevents diseases and improves substrate’s structure. ZEOTRICH increases biodiversity around the root system, improves plants’ nutrition and overall yields.


For diving and transplanting plants – 10 – 12 g/ plant.

For sowing or rooting cuttings, mix with the substrate – 40 – 50 g / 10L substrate.

For composting plant residues – 0.5 – 1.0 kg / L.


Zeolites may promote plant growth by enhancing nutrient availability, soil conditioning, and soil moisture holding capacity – thereby providing higher yields and better quality of crops.

Zeolites can also act as water moderators, in which they will absorb up to 55% of their weight in water and slowly release it under the plant’s demand. This property can prevent root rot and moderate drought cycles. 

Rhizosphere filamentous fungi of the genus Trichoderma are characterized by the ability to colonize plant roots. Most of the species from the genus Trichoderma belong to the plant growth-promoting fungi that produce phytohormones. Due to the largest number of isolated anti-fungal bioactive compounds, Trichoderma is identified as the genus with the greatest biocontrol potential.

The solid bed containing natural zeolite supplies all mineral elements necessary for fungal growth and enzyme activity. Zeolite acts as a pump for nitrogen and mineral elements dosage and regulates pH of culture media at 5, optimal value for enzyme production.


95 % Natural zeolite

5 % / 108 CFU / Trichoderma asperellum + Trichoderma harzianum


For diving and transplanting plants – 10 – 12 g/ plant.

For sowing or rooting cuttings, mix with the substrate – 40 – 50 g / 10L substrate.

For composting plant residues – 0.5 – 1.0 kg / L.


SOLID: 250g / 500g / 1kg

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