Welcome to Terra Power’s Feeding Chart page, where the journey to a flourishing garden begins. Our meticulously designed feeding schedules are the result of years of expertise and dedication, aimed at helping growers like you achieve the best results possible.

Whether you’re nurturing photoperiod plants through the stages of growth and bloom, or you’re tending to autoflowers with their unique requirements, our feeding charts provide the precise nutrients and care your plants need.

To make things even easier, we’re thrilled to offer you the opportunity to receive downloadable versions of our feeding charts. Just enter your email, and we’ll send you a link to access these invaluable resources that can be printed, saved, and consulted at your convenience.

But that’s not all. We understand that choosing the right substrate is equally important. That’s why, at the end of this page, you’ll discover our substrate recommendations, perfectly aligned with Terra Power’s products.

Prepare to unlock the full potential of your garden with Terra Power’s Feeding Charts – a reliable companion on your journey to bountiful harvests and thriving plants. Enter your email, download the charts, and dive into a world of elevated cultivation.

Ever wondered how plants achieve their full potential? Dive into the world of pH balance and microbial allies with us.

Substrates recommendations with Terra Power products

  • Soil –Suitable with all nutrients of Terra Power

  • Coco Fiber – Suitable with all nutrients of Terra Power. Notice: add Cal – Mag product in grow phase

  • Rock Wool- Suitable with base nutrients of Terra Power

  • Perlite – Suitable with base nutrients of Terra Power

  • Bat Guano- Suitable with all nutrients of Terra Power

  • Earthworm Castings – Suitable with all nutrients of Terra Power

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