Our resin enhancing products stimulate inherent resin, essential oil and terpene
production in plants, thereby ensuring higher-quality harvests with strong flavour and aroma. This is achieved through triggering crops’ systemic resistance which allows plants to concentrate their energy in growth, blooming and photosynthesis, giving them the strength to support the additional weight.

Plants are constantly experiencing the negative impact of various stress factors. As they are forced to devote energy to protect themselves, this energy is diverted from the processes that we actually want them to involve in – growth and blooming. Therefore, if you want to achieve high yields, you must do the job of protecting your plants yourself, so that they can focus on what’s important for you.


POSEIDON – POWER RESIN is liquid supplement that enhances inherent resin, oil and terpene production in plants. POSEIDON enables plants to continue maximizing photosynthetic rates producing more flavour, stronger aroma, terpenoids, essential oils and higher yields. Chitosan acts as an immunostimulant in plants enhancing their resistance against various factors. 


Within the plant, magnesium is mostly present in the leaves, as it is a vital part of the chlorophyll molecule. Its presence or absence, therefore, has a direct impact on the plant’s ability to absorb light and subsequently create sugars and carbohydrates. If magnesium levels are low, your plant will struggle to grow. In addition, magnesium also helps with enzyme production.

The time right before plants enter the flowering phase is known as pre-flowering. This is where the plant grows most vigorously, with some strains stretching twice or even three times their current height within just a week. To accommodate this vigorous growth, plants will require nitrogen and extra levels of magnesium and calcium. 




1.2%   Total Nitrogen

1.2%   Nitric Nitrogen

1.8%   Magnesium oxide (MgO)

0.7%   Organic carbon (Corg)

3.5%   Dry matter

pH 4

APPLICATION: It is recommended to apply during the entire bloom phase. Suitable for foliar application! SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE!


LIQUID: 250ml / 500ml / 1L / 5L / 10L

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