A propagation method where a cutting (clone) is taken from a mature cannabis plant and grown into a genetically identical new plant.


Short Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Autoflowering


What is the best method of cloning cannabis?

  • The most popular method is “cutting” where a branch is removed and then rooted.

Does cloning ruin cannabis?

  • When done correctly, cloning doesn’t ruin cannabis; it’s a common practice to replicate desired genetics.

Can you clone clone cannabis plants?

  • Yes, but cloning clones may lead to reduced vigor over time. It’s often better to clone from the original plant.

When can I start cloning my cannabis plant?

  • Typically, you can start cloning in the vegetative stage when the plant has several sets of healthy leaves.

What tools do I need for cloning cannabis?

  • You’ll need scissors or a razor blade, rooting hormone, cloning gel or powder, a humidity dome or tray, and a growing medium.

What is the success rate of cannabis cloning?

  • With proper technique, success rates are typically high, often above 90%.

How do I prevent diseases when cloning cannabis?

  • Maintain a clean environment, use sterilized equipment, and consider a humidity dome to prevent pests and diseases.

Are there differences in cloning methods, such as aeroponics or rockwool cubes?

  • Yes, different methods like aeroponics, rockwool, or soilless mix can be used, each with its advantages and success rates.
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